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Grand Rapids Inventors Network  

Welcome to the Grand Rapids Inventors Network! Check out our meetings and find out how we can help you with both your invention idea and with the steps to success as an inventor. The first meeting is FREE. GRIN encourages and nurtures the new inventor towards professional growth and product realization.

What is the Grand Rapids Inventors Network - Mike Suman

Inventor and Author Mike Suman shares 'What is GRIN'. The Grand Rapids Inventors Network offers so much from networking, resources to private meetings with the board to discuss your invention.




Grand Rapids Inventors Network Splash Count

The invention process has a lot of twists and turns states Michigan Inventor Lynn, inventor of Splash Count. As a member of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network Lynn shares her experience with GRIN. GRIN has helped keep her on track and provide encouragement to continue. The meeting provide knowledge in selling the product, marketing the product and protecting the product with patients to name a few benefits.

Grand Rapids Inventors Network helps Johnny ball

Developing a product is a marathon states John a member of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network. John a Michigan inventor (Johnny Ball) believes you have to believe in your product 100 percent and not give up. The networking possibilities are a great benefit of the organization.

Grand Rapids Inventors Network a great resource for BeachFit

Brenda B is a member of the Grand Rapids Inventors Group. Brenda owns BeachFit and shares her experience with GRIN. GRIN is a network of Michigan Inventors. The meetings helped me take my product from point A to point B. Bringing a product to market is hardest thing Brenda has ever done. Brenda shares that if you do not have the drive that begins with the set backs she feels you will not succeed. The GRIN meetings inspire her and gives her the drive and knowledge to keep moving forward and to be successful.

Grand Rapids Inventors Network helps VZ Hang

The support system provided by the Grand Rapids Inventors Network is a great benefit to Connie, a member and Michigan Inventor of VZ Hang.

Michigan Entrepreneur Spirit Doug DeVos

Doug DeVos, the Present of Amway spoke about the similarities of Amway and GRIN. Stressing on how the Entrepreneur Spirit is within many around the globe and
in Michigan.

Basic Direct Selling Model Doug DeVos

Innovation, New Product Development all need a basic direct selling model and that is what has driven Amway for all these years according to Doug DeVos, Amway President.

Why Should I Join Grand Rapids Inventors Network - Dan Girdwood

Dan Girdwood, a patent attorney and board member of GRIN shares why you want to belong.









Grand Rapids Inventors Network supports Flush Down Product

Tom is a Michigan Inventor and a member of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network. Tom has invented a product called Flush Down. In this video Tom shares his experience with GRIN and how they helped him market his product. The meeting provide information that help in the invention process save many hours of time and alot of money. The GRIN members really helped me out step by step fulfill my dream.

Grand Rapids Inventors Network helps Michigan Inventors

Don a Michigan Inventor is a member of the Grand Rapids Inventors Network and shares his thoughts on GRIN. Don appreciates the networking and knowledge base of the members and how they help Michigan Inventors. He loves the Product Review that GRIN offers and believes it helps in the process and moving forward with his business.


Amway Story begins with Nutrilite Ada Michigan

Amway Story begins with Nutrilite as told by Doug DeVos, President of Amway in Ada Michigan. "When it comes to supplements, Nutrilite is different – and that’s a good thing", according to Amway's website.

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